Hot Pie

Hot Pie Biography. Hot Pie is an orphan living in King's Landing and working for a baker as an apprentice. He was born and grew Appearances. Gallery. Night's Watch recruits sleep on the Kingsroad in " What Is Dead May Never Die ". Hot Pie speaks while Brienne Quotes. Lommy: " You'd better.

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Hot Pie is surprised when Arya reveals herself to be a girl. Like Arya, Hot Pie is made a servant at Harrenhal. He is sent to work in the kitchens and believes the castle is haunted by ghosts. Hot Pie is beaten with a spoon after trying to give Arya a tart from the kitchen. After the Battle of the Blackwater, Hot Pie escapes Harrenhal alongside Arya and Gendry.

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Hot Pie Media is an on-demand audio/video entertainment network that creates original and entertaining ted Reading Time: 7 mins.

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